Interactive Learning Apps For Children With Autism


images (1)Smartphones and iPads are being hailed as a savior for parents and teachers working with children suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Experts have termed the two gadgets as nothing less than a miracle because they are helping children with autism in a never before way.

Anecdotally, parents, teachers and therapists, have described the profound difference that interactive learning apps for children with autism have brought to help them develop key skills. In fact, these interactive apps have provided a means of communication to several autistic children who can’t speak properly or suffer from language delays. There are several interactive learning apps that help autistic children learn the handling of social situations that can be stressful, like crowd in shopping malls. Other interactive apps can help develop fine-motor skills that promote basic functions like writing or playing with small objects.

Meet Betty Turner of Denver. Her son Kevin, 3, was diagnosed with ASD and was far behind in speech and cognitive skills as compared to his peers. Betty, for several months now, has started using some interactive learning apps for autistic children and the

How to Choose a Good NLP Traine


AAEAAQAAAAAAAACYAAAAJGE0MTU0OTVlLTMzMDEtNDMxYS04Y2M3LTZhMDkwMzJmZDlhZAHaving done that let’s look into some guidelines that would help us to choose Best NLP Trainer.


When you will start looking you will find many NLP Practitioners and even NLP Master Practitioners. Don’t restrict yourself in knowing the certificates they hold, get to know how long they took to qualify. Few months of training can never be sufficient timeframe to impart them enough knowledge that they can pass onto other person. Let’s say you finally find somebody who’s been trained for couple of years but if he has not gathered the experience of practicing then he should not be your first choice.

Capability of giving individual demonstration

Realistic demonstration at one to one level tests the training skills of good NLP practitioner. How he handles and tackles the practical issue proves his coaching ability. If he is not able to address the problem at individual level then his expertise is limited to general topics and that surely is not what you are looking for.

Serious or Casual Approach

Some NLP trainer enjoy experimenting and bring in lots of fun and light atmosphere while conducting sessions,

Some Common Misconceptions About Learning Disabilities


learning-problems-092313Various forms of learning disabilities are known to affect students from all across the globe. And yet, the children who suffer from learning disabilities tend to face discrimination in one form or another throughout their childhood. Even individuals who are considered to be tolerant and understanding can become prejudiced when it comes to dealing with differently-abled children. Educating these children is no easy task, with several special ed schools have been established in NYC over the last decade. These schools have taken it upon themselves to provide education to differently-abled children.

Several misconceptions cloud the real meaning of a learning disability. Some of these are:

Learning Disability is similar to other disorders

Learning disabilities are not one single thing, but rather a category that covers a variety of disorders that can potentially become obstacles for success. It’s an all-encompassing term that points to weaknesses in areas such as reading, writing, spelling, math, and social skills, just to name a few, and is theorized to result from defective or disorganized ways that information is processed in the brain. Individuals with a learning disability do not necessarily suffer

Making Friends in Singapore Schools

When my family moved to Singapore back in the 90’s and dragged their eight year old son along with them for the ride of their life, I can firmly attest that I was one unhappy kid. To be jerked away from all that I knew, to be taken from my friends and ushered into a new, strange life in a stranger place surrounded by what I thought were even stranger people – who could have blamed me if I was unhappy with being placed in a school I didn’t want to be in? My parents found a tuition agency that was able to come out to the home and teach me my lessons to help me overcome my clearly slipping grades.

Sometimes I question their motives. Clearly my was not any sort of academic issue; I wasn’t struggling with the material that my classes provided for me. Continue reading

Dyslexia Surging Problem In Today’s World

Reading habit starts very early childhood and children normally grasp the good amount of words during their preschool days. But for certain children they cannot understand what the tutor is trying to teach and they face trouble to repeat the words. Lack of concentration and understanding makes them different from normal children. Parents may not identify this problem until the child reaches school age and only when the child starts reading and writing the trouble arises. Teachers identify that the child is unable to concentrate on any particular activity and this becomes a regular routine. This is the stage where the parents must understand that their child is affected with some kind of learning disability. Now to identify what exactly the problem is the child must be tested by a recognized child psychiatrist who by conducting various tests identifies the problem of the child.

Each child is unique and their problems are also unique and parents must know to identify the problems by attending seminars on learning disabilities if they diagnose that their child is affected with such type of problems. To make their child overcome the disability factor to the maximum extent they need to send their children to special

Special Education Tutoring in New York – Specialize in Your Desired Field!

If you are tired of sending your kids to the regular schools and are you worried that the school nearby your home does not provide a good curriculum? You can now keep away your worries as the special education tutoring in New York will help you give your child the necessary one-on-one attention and helps him climb up the ladder in his education and career faster than you can ever imagine! In this fast growing technological world, kids become intellects at a very young age and the normal school curriculum might not help those special kids. Thus it is a must for you to look for curriculums that are wider and specialized for your kid. This might not be an easy task as every school will follow a strict pattern for themselves. Your ultimate solution for this problem is to opt for the special education tutoring.

Once you decide a special teaching for your kid, you need to search for tutors who are specialized in home school teaching and offer a very good curriculum. The tutors first assess your child and fit him to the curriculum based on the results of that assessment. The kids will be given chance in every

Let Dyslexia Not Disturb Your Child’s Progress

Parents constantly worry about their children’s life. Parents always expect their children to excel in all fields. But it is always necessary to understand the capability of the children before judging them. When your child finds it difficult to read and recognize the appropriate details it is time for the parents to take a look on your child’s world. Finding trouble in identifying things and relating things that your children learns can be symptoms of dyslexia.

Children with dyslexia need extra care and special attention to make them understand the concepts and make them learn it. But parents need not get apprehensive about the dyslexia their child has got. There is a lot of DYSLEXIA TUTORING CENTER available near you to help your children get on the track and compete in the world. These tutoring centers are equipped with faculties who have understood the difficulty of the children possessing dyslexia. These tutoring centers that render a helping hand to the children with dyslexia are highly recognized and are government approved.

They comprehend their mindset and analyze their thinking patterns and teach them in such a way that it reaches them efficiently. These tutoring centers realize that these children require

Special Education Centers Offer Excellent Programs for Students with Disabilities

When a child underperforms in school the first persons to get affected by it is parents. They are often baffled as to the cause of the problem and feel that it is the child’s inattentiveness that is causing it. However the problem can be deeper. The child may have genuine issues such as a learning disability which prevents them from using their abilities to understand what is being taught. Such disabilities vary from mild to severe. Usually teachers catch up on the child’s problem and inform parents about it so that they can send them to special classes that correct it. There are many special education New York state centers where your child can get exactly the kind of assistance needed for their learning problem.

Special education centers have study programs that are tailored to address specific problems that a child is facing in learning. The problem may be something like hearing words inccorrectly, difficulty in reading comprehensive, dyslexia, and much more. They examine a child’s skills to find out what they are good at and what is missing so that they can address it and help them to develop their mental faculties. They will use proven methods to address such

6 Personality Traits for Becoming a Great Special Education Teacher

A special education teacher profession is only meant for certain kind of people. It is not easy for everyone to bear the day to day stresses of this kind of work so it is vital that you have the right personality traits before you pursue special education as a career. Here are some of the necessary traits you should posses.

Being a special education teacher is a unique task in itself and it’s not meant for short-tempered people. If you have the ability to manage your smile even when everyone else is complaining, then perhaps you own the qualities required to be a special education teacher. Here are some of the qualities you require:

Need to Be Passionate

A good special education teacher will be passionate about their students. If you possess a real passion for teaching special education kids than it should not be difficult at all for you to cherish your students despite knowing their setbacks. Many people start considering that they should quiet from this job because they can’t bear the pressure after spending some time with the kids and experiencing the ups and downs that come with the job.

Creative Mind

You should also possess a creative mind. Oftentimes while you

Special Education Schools – Projecting New Methods for Special Kids

Special Schools have come a long way in offering education and a learning support that has helped students with special needs, mentally and physically challenged children, become self-reliant. Charitable Trusts in India too have launched many educational institutes that cater special children and their educational needs. A few private rehabilitation centres have also paved way to providing education and services, free of cost, to students with disabilities.

A Special Children School in India is committed and devoted to offering rehabilitation to kids with autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and several other multiple disabilities. The aim of such institutes is to generate confidence and the sense of worth in such children who are otherwise neglected by society at large – may be because of narrow mind-sets or societal barriers.

Most people fail to understand that these children need love, care, affection, attention and most of all to be respected and treated as any other normal child. It is only due to a few schools for mentally challenged that has managed to change the lives of these students by providing rehabilitation services across the nation.

In the effort of promoting special education, multinational companies and organizations are contributing tremendously to support special

Dual Curriculum for the Visually Impaired

The much cultivated notion of putting the special children in a restrictive environment has long taken a toll on their overall growth. One of the major thrusts of the Education of all handicapped children act is to put them in an integrated environment and to educate them with children who are not handicapped. Sadly, the thrust has not been even remotely achieved, for many families continue to put the visually, physically or mentally impaired in a desolate environment where growth and recovery is hard to come by.

Mentally retarded schools and schools for the blind have long been the battleground for children who are not as blessed as other children are. While many special schools cater to their special needs via their comprehensive suite of facilities and techniques, there are many others which are still thriving under the shadow of neglect. Many parents think that putting their special child into these schools can conjure a ray of hope, however obsolete measures and practises end up doing just the opposite. It is here that most of them realize the importance of putting their children in a non restrictive, open environment.

As history recalls, the shift to an integrated education environment

Having a Child with Mental Disability

One out of 100 babies in the world is born with some kind of mental disability, and with five babies being born every second, it’s not unusual. So, whether or not you have a known family history, you ever fathomed such a possibility or you find it absolutely absurd to imagine: if you are planning to have a baby, you must be well informed about the worst and the best. By bringing in a new person in this world, you are liable to provide him with the best that you can, be it an extra ordinary genius or a mentally delayed child. And empirically, only one out of 6 children receive the due care and treatment whose parents could afford it. So, ever fathomed what happens to the rest? The follow-up of the article helps you understand what basically mental disability is.

Parenting is the biggest challenge but the most beautiful liability posed in the middle age. Caring for your offspring is a responsibility you would gladly shoulder. However, there can be certain challenges on the way that are random and beyond your worst apprehensions. And wouldn’t you want to be braced up for whatever comes your way. After all, you

Counsellors For Children With Special Needs

Students with special needs need counsellors and special education teachers at the helm of their daily activities. Guiding and counselling these children is an integral component of the education mission of the school. They help in promoting the social, educational, and career development of all students.

How is it working with school students for counsellors?

The school counsellor’s foremost responsibility is to deal with students, especially the ones who have developmental disabilities or are mentally disabled. Every student has different requirements and special needs, and their diverse needs may require some specific counselling that has to be meted out to them via counsellors who recognize their boundaries of competencies. These counsellors help children, especially who are mentally or physically challenged see a new way of life. Most of these children face humiliation and neglect at the hands of other children and peers. This, most often than not, pulls self-esteem on the lowest trajectory and makes the children susceptible to negative thoughts. The counsellors help children see a better way to deal with their daily hassles.

Counsellors also work with the parents of the handicapped children, and that is because parents play a primary role in the lives of their children.

Crack Any Entrance Exam With Hard Work And Practice

These days, entrance exams have become a norm in universities as well as in the professional world. Universities and institutes as well as government agencies and private companies use written or online tests as an initial step to filter candidates. The candidates who clear the written/online test are then called for an interview, group discussions, medical examination or whatever stages that follows next. This filtration process has also become necessary because of the increasing number of applicants. Every year, more and more number of professionals are being produced by national as well as international universities and institutes, and thus, every year, more and more number of people apply for a single post.

Universities and institutes also use entrance tests for similar reasons. Educational bodies can only accommodate a set number of students, whereas the number of applicants is increasing every year. The competition is high and every institute or university wants to admit top students. With the advent of technology and internet, written exams are being replaced by online exams. An online exam is favored by students as well as the conducting bodies. They are easier to evaluate, have almost no chances of being leaked and the results can be declared

Coping With Deafness – How Parents Take it

The world apparently, and metaphorically gets crumbling down for a parent whose child is diagnosed with a hearing impairment in the tender years of his life. It is often difficult coming to terms with the fact that a child can be affected by something as unacceptable as a hearing loss. A lot of questions invade their mind: Why did this happen? Will my child be normal? Will he be like the other children of his age? Am I responsible for this? How will I ever communicate effectively with my child?

It is only but natural to crack under the weight of anxiety and responsibility. Many of them feel themselves to be on the verge of a snap, unable to cope with the child’s pain and society’s constant nagging and belittling, says a doctor from a school for the deaf.

No matter how herculean a task it may seem to be, it is in nature to not give up. Some parents are able to adjust quickly to the demands presented to a child who can’t hear. Other parents may never accept that they have a deaf or a blind child, but will cope with it in various ways, and will

Special Child, Special School

A special child requires a special education teacher. The needs of a child with a physical or mental impairment or disability are different -as are they for every child as it is. But to allow such a child to bloom to their full potential, a special kind of care is often required.

Mata Bhagawanti Chadha Niketan understands this, and offers the best care. A private and completely charitable rehabilitation institute, the school is amongst the best special education schools in India. So let’s explore some of the therapies that the school provides.

1.Early Intervention Programme: This programme aims to contribute to the improvement of cognitive, linguistic, emotional and social development of children with disabilities, and to control the development of the disability itself. The targeted age group is of children between 3-6 years of age. Emphasis is given to parental involvement, wherein parents accompany their children to the Early Intervention Centre, where they learn from professionals how to take care of their children.

2.Special Education: A special education teacher will focus on applied and functional academics, communication skills, social skills, motor skills, prevocational skills and self-care. Each student’s needs are assessed and teaching methodologies are formulated accordingly. Taught in both

Floortime Therapy – Helping an Autistic Child Learn And Develop

Floortime Therapy is a means of helping children learn and develop through the application of several insights derived by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, a clinical professor and child psychiatrist who developed this therapy and the underlying DIR model (Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship-based model).

The approach that was most prevalent before the introduction of Floortime Therapy dealt with autistic children’s characteristic aggression or withdrawal by trying to tackle these behaviors at the surface level. Floortime Therapy is based on assessing the underlying cause behind these behaviors so as to provide the child with an environment and skills that are conducive to effective regulation of their behavior, feelings and emotions.

Dr. Stanley Greenspan, in a talk with the Rebecca School; a therapeutic day school for children with autism spectrum disorders, outlined the three major insights that are heralded by the DIR model and the consequent Floortime Therapy. These insights are presented and explained below:

Affect, emotions and relationships are intimately connected to the growth of a child’s mind

It was believed earlier that a cognitive skill could be strengthened by stimulating it directly. According to Dr. Stanley Greenspan, children’s learning and cognitive development is instead driven primarily by interactions that reel in the child and prompt them

Emotional Regulation And Effective Learning

Life offers you a relentless array of stimuli, situations and experiences. In order to maintain your sanity throughout what seems to many as bustling chaos, you need to regulate your reactions and emotions to these varying and sometimes distressing experiences. inability to do so may cause an individual to experience emotions such as anxiety, depression, fear or anger.

Children with autism tend to find it harder to regulate their emotions and reactions in the face of different experiences, owing to certain distinctive physiological and psychological factors.

Let us try to understand what emotional regulation is, the factors that make it difficult for children with autism to regulate their emotions and the possible interventions that can help children with autism regulate their emotions better.

What is emotional regulation and why is it so important?

Emotional regulation is the ability to respond to the ongoing demands of one’s experiences in a way that is socially feasible and allows you enough flexibility to respond appropriately to a situation.

It is an indispensable life skill to be able to regulate our emotions as it helps us evaluate a situation objectively and respond appropriately, without getting overwhelmed by emotions.

When individuals are well-regulated emotionally, they are most available for learning and

Autism Is Not a Deformity – It’s Just a Difference

It’s been observed that with birth of a child with special abilities, parents get bamboozled with emotions. After all, this definitely wasn’t a part of their baby planning, and when they confront with this unprepared scenario, they get baffled by thinking of the journey which is apparently endless despaired. There’s certainly nothing to blame a guardian for that, but then there nothing anything to blame the child either. Perhaps you are hopeless, disconcerted, confused on where to start from, or what should you do. The thought of simplifying things for the child and making things easier for him is not that easy as it certainly seems to be. Well, putting a halt to the perplexities, the first step you ought to take is that be patient and this is how you could succeed in letting the wheels moving.

Thus, to assist you further, here are the guidelines as advised by special education teacher who have first-hand experience in working closely with such children.

Support system: The first thing to be done at this level is to understand the situation of child and what they mean. It might be difficult in the beginning, but eventually things will settle for good. Get in touch

Parent’s Role In Treating And Diagnosing Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disability which has to be identified and managed by parents and teachers simultaneously, as it involves being intensely conscious of its manifestations and act immediately on ground of suspicion.

Alpha to Omega recommends a comprehensive test as this assessment can serve to put to rest many a worry that may be distressing a parent’s mind. It can help them to be able to understand what is actually going on in the child’s academic sphere and how as a parent can you can help your child. As a parent there are several important facts to consider where you child is concerned.

Early intervention and diagnosis is important as several conditions can generate dyslexic type tendencies as far as academic performance is concerned such as hearing impairment, poor vision, glare from the board, bright light, supersensitive hearing.

The key to treating this disorder is to make sure the child feels valued and loved. A dyslexic child will probably be unable to keep in mind the stuff that he/she needs for school the next day. It is thus important as a parent to work with your child’s teacher to make sure that you know what he/she needs for school.


Emotional Regulation and The Autistic Child

Life offers a variety of situations and experiences that require us to have an emotionally flexible disposition. The quality of being able to adapt to changes in one’s external or internal (mental) environment is referred to as “emotional regulation”. Children with autism tend to find it difficult to regulate their emotions, owing to certain physiological and psychological challenges. A lack of emotional flexibility and the inability to cope with varying stimuli in a socially appropriate manner can result in a state of “emotional dysregulation”. This emotionally dysregulated state may cause a hindrance in effective learning at school for a child with autism.

What is emotional regulation?

Emotional regulation is referred to as the ability to respond to varying situations in a socially acceptable and flexible manner that allows for spontaneous reactions as well as for delaying reactions when needed. Emotional regulation is a significant life skill that allows us to conserve our emotional stability in varying situations. It also allows us to focus and retain new things we may have learnt.

How is emotional regulation achieved?

Emotional regulation can be achieved by one or both of the following means:

  • Self-regulation

Self-regulation refers to emotional regulation achieved independently by a child. It may involve measures such as